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Global social trend study results in “People go to extremes”, Youth needs to find equilibrium.

An icon of the new "extremes".

In a recent study (Dec 2009) asked “What is the strongest social trend you feel or see?”.

The top answer was: People go to extremes.

There are three human parameters that define this mega trend:

  1. The religion which forms the sexuality and which is in most cases equal with ideology and political views
  2. The leisure activities
  3. The body culture (e.g. anorexia vs. gluttony, mother nature vs. surgery)

The first parameter shows the strong divergence between the Western and the Islamic world. 9/11 is not forgotten, the obvious situations in Iran and Iraque are still present. The religious believes of individuals play the most important part when they form their opinion - even in a globalized world.

The second parameter is what people do in their leisure time: and here again, it’s difficult to find equilibrium. Extreme sports and extreme behavior (e.g. time spent with video games or facebook) are among the top ranks.

The third parameter body culture is predominating in youth culture.

The clash of cultures can only be solved by considerateness and tolerance. Don’t disturb other’s feelings. If disturbance happens, show tolerance and calmly express your disagreement.

More data soon available.

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