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Mori girls, inspiration for the next generations.

There’s no doubt about the big influence that Japan performs over the actual fashion and trends world. They’re always one step ahead and, if they search for inspiration in our old European culture for reinventing themselves, we take these reinventions as trends that dominate the seasons. One of the latest trends that is currently very powerful in Japan is the Mori Girl style. The word “mori” means “forest”, and it descend directly from another Japanese style that was very famous during the 70s and known as the Natural Kei.

Natural Kei was a very famous fashion inspired by the images of Sarah Kay, Anna of the Green Gables  and The Little House of the Prairie. When you look at a girl dressed in the Natural Kei style, you may think that you’re looking at an old portrait of a girl who lived during the 19th century. This is the main difference between a Natural Kei girl and and their descendants, the Mori Girls.

Mori Girls, as their name says, love the forest and all related with nature. Cotton fabrics, straw hats, wool, boots, layers of vintage clothes. The main difference between Mori Girls and Natural Kei Girls is that, when you look at a Mori Girl, she doesn’t look like an old-fashion photography. Yes, they like vintage clothes, they enjoy mixing floral prints and natural fabrics, but they’re not Laura Hingis. When you look at a Mori Girl, you see – without doubt – a girl of the 21st century.

The beginning of the movement is dated in 2007, and it is said to be started in Tokyo – Japan’s vibrant capital. It may haved started as a counter position of the eccentric Yamamba movement, one of the latest Gals’ style that was very popular by the end of 2004. If Mambas were famous for use lots of colors and tons of make up, Mori Girls tried to claim a return to nature and simplicity, but without refusing style.

They use beautiful textures and fabrics; cotton, floral themes, and complements inspired by Mother Earth. They claim a coming back into our ancestors, our origins; a childhood when we were running and playing freely  in forests.  With the smell of the wet grass, the taste of mother’s beloved cooking, the warmth of the fireplace and the stories of our grandmothers.

The first 10 years of this new century has been filled with stylistic excesses and a decadence that has confused and left without guidance a generation eager to find their own image. About to release the second decade of the 21st century, new trends show preference for simplicity and eclecticism that lead us back to the austerity of country life.
So, are the Mori girls from Japan the future icons of today’ youth generation? I’m sure that this movement will be a strong trend in the coming years. Nowadays, we can see some of these themes in the collections of brands like Zara or especially Oysho, preaching with romanticism the return to nature.

The return to Mother Earth.

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Japan Fashion Trends for Summer 2010

Summer is around the corner after a cold April month, finally allowing Japanese fashionistas to undress and show the latest Japanese fashion trends for this Summer. Liberty, Chambray and Laces are the main trends spotted but the most interesting is as usual the way Japanese Trendsetters are coordinating all these hot items.

You will find hereafter all the main keywords from the Japanese fashion magazines and select stores catalogs describing the main Summer 2010 trends.

We hope you will love this month pictures and we are sure that you will find many good ideas.

Japan Fashion Keywords – SUMMER 2010 June magazines and catalogs

Women’s fashion keywords

Outer : knit, parka, dolman sleeve nylon parka, cardigan, linen knit cardigan, organic linen cardigan, tiny riders, –

Tops : tunic, flower chiffon tunic, anime characters Tee-shirt, Mickey Mouse Tee-shirt, flower bustier tee-shirt, denim shirt, rolled-up sleeves shirt, tie front shirt, non ironed shirt, wrinkled plaid shirt, tomboy shirt, vintage denim wrinkled shirt, flower print smock blouse, dot print blouse, lace linen blouse, cotton blouse, transparent blouse, one-piece, denim shirt one-piece, dot print silk satin one-piece, camouflage print chiffon one-piece, shirt one-piece, shirt one-piece with dolman sleeves, bare top one-piece, paisley print long shirt, separates one-piece, flower lace zip one-piece, maxi one-piece, retro girly maxi one-piece, Morocco taste maxi one-piece, western maxi one-piece, L.A. celeb maxi one-piece, resort maxi one-piece, lace long gown, tube set long one-piece, dolman tops, tank top, zebra tank top, flower prints tank top, off shoulder top, marine border top, lace gilet, mix stripes vest, check dress, camisole print dress, –

Bottoms : denim pants, boyfriend denim, chambray pants with apron, chino pants, jodhpurs pants, khaki pants, check Capri pants, sweet western with leather pants, sarrouel pants, easy pants, short pants, denim short pants, chambray short pants, silk short pants, marine mood high waist short pants, military short pants, crushed denim short pants, short pants with dot prints, fake skirt short pants, all-in-one with flower prints, all-in-one shirt, full length all-in-one, combinaison with flower prints, chemical wash skinny deggings (denim leggings), stirrup leggings, border skirt, drape skirt,–

Shoes : flat shoes, sandals, lace up open sandals, jute sandals, espadrilles, thong sandals, stone thong sandals, fake suede sandals, studs sabots, pumps with ribbons, western boots, western moccasin boots, military pumps, gold sneaker, rubber shoes, –

Accessories : bikini with studs, rosary necklace, heart necklace, ribbon necklace, coin necklace, pearl bracelet, chain bracelet, bangle, dandy hat, ribbon straw hat, casquette, marine cap, zebra knit beret, bandana headband, turban, multi stripes stole, cashmere stole, scarf, spangle bag, spangle border bag, shoulder bag, leopard bag, basket bag, basket pochette bag, –

Materials : lace, leather, cashmere, linen, organic cotton, silk, –

Colors, patterns : white, nude color, nuance pink, black, pink, summer macaron color, grey, khaki, dark blue, ice blue, gold, small flowers, liberty print, tropical print, stars, borders, dot, stripes, geometrical, zebra,–

Style : cheerful pinup, pop’n colorful, harajuku girl, fairy rock style, rough denim x feminine top, girly punk, gorgeous and high street, summer holiday, new marine, pop resort, outdoor mix, summer festival, relax style, nostalgic, retro girl, authentic and innocent, sweet bohemian, luxury bohemian, Hawaiian, ethnic, safari, denim on denim, long dress x vest, chiffon top x military short pants, crushed T-shirt x border tank top x denim mini, printed one-piece x studs large belt x gilet, beach sandals, flower rompers x camel summer boots, casual denim combinaison x stole, denim shirt one-piece x lace tunic x black jeggings, boyish chambray shorts x frill blouse x straw hat, border top x denim shirt x flower print skirt, loose silhouette, “trick one-piece” : American sleeves shirt x marine skirt, top with ribbon x flower print skirt, feminine, dot chiffon top x linen skirt, chiffon blouse x jersey skirt, one-piece with low rise skirt, “rescue one-piece” : lace one-piece, bare top one-piece, dot print one-piece, black couture jersey one-piece, gilet, gilet x stole x denim, gilet x tank top x denim mini skirt, deck shoes, moccasin shoes, bronze gold sandals, frill top x cargo pants, nudietor shoes(nude x gladiator) x denim shorts, espadrilles x mini one-piece, tie front shirt x thong shoes, resort x preppy, vintage mix : basket bag x flower print all-in-one, French mix : border jacket x flower print skirt, mode mix, neo sports, –

Men’s fashion keywords

Outer : knit, high gauge knit, silk cable knit, blouson, jacket, hooded leather blouson, souvenir jacket, reversible blouson, jersey jacket, linen M-65 military jacket, nylon coat, –

Tops : long sleeves T-shirt, T-shirt, Polo shirts, knit polo shirt, biz polo, three quarter sleeves polo shirt, silk and cotton check shirt, check shirt, oxford shirt, 50’s vintage Hawaiian shirt, button down shirt, linen check button down shirt, bikers’ shirt from the 50’s, shirt with studs collar, gilet with studs, vest,–

Bottoms : light and stretch denim, stretch denim bikers’ pants, “champan” (chambray pants), military pants, nomad pants, chino pants, cropped pants, digital camouflage print cargo pants, chino pants, short pants, seersucker shorts, rolled up shorts, paisley patchwork shorts, –

Shoes : colorful mesh shoes, sandals, leather sandal, Gurka sandals, espadrilles, deck shoes high cut, color suede shoes, navy shoes, suede middle shoes, wrinkled leather boots, beige chukka boots, bit loafer, work shoes, white sneaker, ,

Accessories : knit tie, 2 colors mesh belt, cotton stole, vintage scarf, leopard backpack, dalmatian backpack, canvas Boston bag, messenger bag,–

Materials : silk, linen, studs, –

Colors, patterns : beige, white, gingham, stripes, tartan, check,  –

Style : Hawaiian, resort, natural, relaxing style, denim and casual, vintage, short and jacket ensemble, vest x chief, dressed cargo : marine jacket x khaki cargo pants tied up, white polo shirt x khaki cargo pants x stole, blouson x cargo pants, chambray shirt x cargo pants, knit cardigan x cargo pants, sporty relax, marine color shirt x grey pants, marine color x chino pants, marine color shirt x denim, denim x driving shoes, resort style, relax style, espadrille x shorts x stole, tight cargo pants x high cut leather sneaker, washed denim x suede chukka boots, cropped pants suede country boots, tight chino pants x driving shoes.

Thank you and talk to you during this month on our Blog.

Best regards, Loic Bizel Open_your_Eyes and Imagine_the_FUTURE Shopping & guided visit of the best retailers in Tokyo

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