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Mori girls, inspiration for the next generations.

There’s no doubt about the big influence that Japan performs over the actual fashion and trends world. They’re always one step ahead and, if they search for inspiration in our old European culture for reinventing themselves, we take these reinventions as trends that dominate the seasons. One of the latest trends that is currently very powerful in Japan is the Mori Girl style. The word “mori” means “forest”, and it descend directly from another Japanese style that was very famous during the 70s and known as the Natural Kei.

Natural Kei was a very famous fashion inspired by the images of Sarah Kay, Anna of the Green Gables  and The Little House of the Prairie. When you look at a girl dressed in the Natural Kei style, you may think that you’re looking at an old portrait of a girl who lived during the 19th century. This is the main difference between a Natural Kei girl and and their descendants, the Mori Girls.

Mori Girls, as their name says, love the forest and all related with nature. Cotton fabrics, straw hats, wool, boots, layers of vintage clothes. The main difference between Mori Girls and Natural Kei Girls is that, when you look at a Mori Girl, she doesn’t look like an old-fashion photography. Yes, they like vintage clothes, they enjoy mixing floral prints and natural fabrics, but they’re not Laura Hingis. When you look at a Mori Girl, you see – without doubt – a girl of the 21st century.

The beginning of the movement is dated in 2007, and it is said to be started in Tokyo – Japan’s vibrant capital. It may haved started as a counter position of the eccentric Yamamba movement, one of the latest Gals’ style that was very popular by the end of 2004. If Mambas were famous for use lots of colors and tons of make up, Mori Girls tried to claim a return to nature and simplicity, but without refusing style.

They use beautiful textures and fabrics; cotton, floral themes, and complements inspired by Mother Earth. They claim a coming back into our ancestors, our origins; a childhood when we were running and playing freely  in forests.  With the smell of the wet grass, the taste of mother’s beloved cooking, the warmth of the fireplace and the stories of our grandmothers.

The first 10 years of this new century has been filled with stylistic excesses and a decadence that has confused and left without guidance a generation eager to find their own image. About to release the second decade of the 21st century, new trends show preference for simplicity and eclecticism that lead us back to the austerity of country life.
So, are the Mori girls from Japan the future icons of today’ youth generation? I’m sure that this movement will be a strong trend in the coming years. Nowadays, we can see some of these themes in the collections of brands like Zara or especially Oysho, preaching with romanticism the return to nature.

The return to Mother Earth.

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