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New study: Every smart phone user will download in average 40 apps in 2013

The annual volume of smartphone app downloads will reach 56 billion this year, show ABI Research’s updated market forecasts. Of different OS platforms,

58% of the total will Google’s Android account for,
33% of the total will Apple’s iOS commanding
4% for Microsoft’s Windows Phone
3% for BlackBerry

In the meantime, mobile users will download around 14 billion tablet apps during the year. In the tablet segment,

75% will account for iPad’s
17% Android
4% Amazon’s Kindle Fire
2% Windows tablets

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First pictures and details of Apple iPhone 4G

The new iPhone 4G

Update June 4th, 2010: iPhone 4G will work with a super clear display of 960 x 640 pixels, equaling to 320 pixels per zoll, which as new world record for displays. The iPhone with OS4 will be positioned also as ebook.

Update May 14th, 2010: Another new version of the iPhone 4G has been found and unscrewed in Taiwan. To see it go to

Oringial post April 29th, 2010: Thanks to the Apple developer Gary Powell who forgot his new iPhone 4G after a booze in a bar in Silicon Valley, everybody can see the new supposed prototype now. More photos you can see here.

New iPhone 4G unscrewed in Taiwan


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Social Costumer Lifetime Value – what we are to firms and brands

Many people work with different social network platforms: The more networks, the more connections, the higher Social Customer Lifetime Value.

As companies look to maximize the impact of every marketing investment, a focus on Social Customer Lifetime Value may well become the most important metric of all. Social Customer Lifetime Value not only incorporates individual purchases (all purchases a person does with the firm X minus the cost of goods sold to this person, the net present value of this amount) but also those who influenced each customer.

The more connections, the more SCLTV.

For example, the customer who consistently influences the purchases of 5–10 friends and coworkers would have a higher Social Customer Lifetime Value than one who

The more connections, the more SCLTV

spends more individually but has little or no influence on others.  Facebook is promoting this metric via Faceconnector and Hearseylab.
At the same time, by using social network platforms, users become more transparent to platform owners. This allows the platform owners to show the users ads that exactly match their interests. E.g. if the platform owner would like to advertise Hindu books, they would only show the ad in user accounts where the account owner e.g. wrote that his or hers religion is Hinduism.

What do you think about this concept fo SCLV?  Does it make sense or is it just another Social Media push?

What dis/advatages do you see in the fact that users become more and more transparent to platform owners?

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