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sketches simplify your life

Life often seems so complicated – it often is. Strategies to cope with the difficulties in Life must not be difficult. The easier the concepts, the better. In Switzerland a book called 50 Erfolgsmodelle (50 models for success) was a huge success. The book just shows easy ways to bring order in your life or business. Easy concepts is also, what makes the following site a success:
go have a look there for sketches that solve your issues.

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Social Media: Going organic or how branding is going out of control

In all the madness of social media, it seems like there’s a new tool or application released every day to help us better automate, control, manage or author our lives in the Socialsphere. With that said, I’ve never seen anyone publish best practices for social media icon design. If I were a brand like Facebook or Twitter, it would drive me crazy stumbling across a different version of my Facebook “f” or the Twitter “t” – I alone have seen at least 5 different versions of each just in the last month or so.

Try it yourself… search in Google Images for the Facebook “F” icon and see what comes up. At least 3 different shades of blue, in a box, out of a box, square corners, round corners. For me, this new type of organic growth mirrors social media and user-generated content itself. No longer are brand managers in control of how their brand is interpreted, re-interpreted and then re-purposed across the web. Is this a good thing? A bad thing? Too early to say. But one thing’s for sure, today’s brand manager can’t be the uber-control freaks of the past.

Perhaps adherence to the visual integrity of a brand is the new measure of how much “street-cred” your brand has online. The more respected you are as a brand, the less people will deviate from the original version of your brand identity when reposted. Hmm. Here are some nice social media icons I ran across, I couldn’t name them all by sight aside from the obvious ones but it’s a nice commentary about how many players there are in this space, with more added each day.

Social media icon set

Which online brands are your favorite? Have you ever bastardized a social media/online brand’s logo in your own stuff? Luckily, the brand police aren’t looking.

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Colour forecast and trends 2011

colour trends 2011: blue, red, earth colours like moss green; and yellow-orange

Our team has made a research regarding the trend colours for 2011 by reading and hearing to different sources and coolhunters. After the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico it may well be possible that black is back with a strong emphasis. The result of our research makes us believe that these are the fashion trend colours for 2011:

  • blue: from dark indigo to clean, icy blue.
  • earth colours: all tones from black to brown, khaki, moss and olive combined with mystical ornaments or pattens
  • red (moving away from neon bright of last season)
  • yellow-orange (egg-yog or maize)
  • metallics

Trend colours: green to blue

Body Fashion & Activewear Trends – Spring-Summer 2011-2012

More colour trends

More stuff  soon to be published.

Please feel free to add further resources for colour trends 2011.

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Global social trend study results in “People go to extremes”, Youth needs to find equilibrium.

An icon of the new "extremes".

In a recent study (Dec 2009) asked “What is the strongest social trend you feel or see?”.

The top answer was: People go to extremes.

There are three human parameters that define this mega trend:

  1. The religion which forms the sexuality and which is in most cases equal with ideology and political views
  2. The leisure activities
  3. The body culture (e.g. anorexia vs. gluttony, mother nature vs. surgery)

The first parameter shows the strong divergence between the Western and the Islamic world. 9/11 is not forgotten, the obvious situations in Iran and Iraque are still present. The religious believes of individuals play the most important part when they form their opinion - even in a globalized world.

The second parameter is what people do in their leisure time: and here again, it’s difficult to find equilibrium. Extreme sports and extreme behavior (e.g. time spent with video games or facebook) are among the top ranks.

The third parameter body culture is predominating in youth culture.

The clash of cultures can only be solved by considerateness and tolerance. Don’t disturb other’s feelings. If disturbance happens, show tolerance and calmly express your disagreement.

More data soon available.

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Social Costumer Lifetime Value – what we are to firms and brands

Many people work with different social network platforms: The more networks, the more connections, the higher Social Customer Lifetime Value.

As companies look to maximize the impact of every marketing investment, a focus on Social Customer Lifetime Value may well become the most important metric of all. Social Customer Lifetime Value not only incorporates individual purchases (all purchases a person does with the firm X minus the cost of goods sold to this person, the net present value of this amount) but also those who influenced each customer.

The more connections, the more SCLTV.

For example, the customer who consistently influences the purchases of 5–10 friends and coworkers would have a higher Social Customer Lifetime Value than one who

The more connections, the more SCLTV

spends more individually but has little or no influence on others.  Facebook is promoting this metric via Faceconnector and Hearseylab.
At the same time, by using social network platforms, users become more transparent to platform owners. This allows the platform owners to show the users ads that exactly match their interests. E.g. if the platform owner would like to advertise Hindu books, they would only show the ad in user accounts where the account owner e.g. wrote that his or hers religion is Hinduism.

What do you think about this concept fo SCLV?  Does it make sense or is it just another Social Media push?

What dis/advatages do you see in the fact that users become more and more transparent to platform owners?

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